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Dianne Olds Rossi

________TRAINING  MANUALS________

1. The Dancing Horse & Piaffe Simplified, "A Training Manual"

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This is a first in a series of training manuals. This volume starts with the basics needed to safely begin training Piaffe and some dancing horse movements. There are step-by-step instructions and photos throughout and along the way I try and interject the possible problems or questions you may have and some insights on my own learning experience.

This manual comes with five questions or problems you may post to me for clarification or help you along the way. These questions and answers will be posted on the web site for all to see and learn except that the manual owner will receive a personal one on one response. Instructions for this will be included in the manual.

U.S. Price:  $79.95 plus $15.00 for shipping  & handling .........Total. - $94.95

Canada Price:  $79.95 plus $25.00 for shipping and handling...Total - $104.95

Europe Price:  $79.95 plus $35.00 for shipping and handling...Total - $114.95

shipping and handling included

2.  "Long Lining, the ART"  a manual  

This is the method of the Master Trainer, Dianne Olds Rossi   

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NEW:  GET Personal "One on One" Instruction!

Ever wanted to learn the art of Long Reining? This manual is a first in a series by Dianne starting from the very beginning. All instructions are illustrated and pitfalls are explained in detail. Be sure to check into the option of "internet response from Dianne".

This is a new option offered to keep you going in the right direction in your endeavor. You get a personally designed plan for you and your horse as you progress or sometimes just "when you get stuck".

Internet option as an additional aid for both The Dancing Horse
Manual and the Long Reining Manual

Payable via PayPal which is set up separately for each manual, when the payment is received I will then give them a different email address to contact me. It will be your own "Personal Training Plan"
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______________DVD SALES______________

NEW! 1.  "Imagine!!!!.....the Dancing Horses" - $39.95

he spectacular trained horses from Dianne Olds Rossi.  A collection of marvelously trained Dancing (Haute d' Ecole/High School) Horses.   See Andalusians, Friesians, Arabians, National Show Horses and more!  The footage is from actual performances and is unique with the volume of horses and the originality of presentation.
Beautifully costumed and skillfully presented to music.    

Shipping and handling:  U.S. and Canada - &7.50  outside U.S. $15.00
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DVD's are video footage of dancing horses featuring the Friesian horses.  This is not competition horse show footage but actual presentations of entertainment events produced and/or directed by Dianne Olds Rossi. The shows are completely choreographed with costumes and specially designed music to match the performance of the horses. A Master of Ceremonies leads the entertainment.  None of the footage was taken in Europe, all shows were performed in the United States with American riders and horses.

PLEASE NOTE:  The video footage was taken in  an indoor arena with vapor lighting and will not be a "movie theater" experience.  So keep this in mind when ordering as all sales are final. If a disk is defective, it will be replaced on returning the defective disk. For further information on purchasing methods,

PLEASE CONTACT:  Dianne Olds Rossi       E-mail:  magicalworld@earthlink.net

cell phone:  530-320-1209                    home: 530-367-6841