Dianne Olds Rossi  - BIOGRAPHY

      Dianne is the foremost and most widely known trainer of the Equestrian Arts known as “The Dance” or “Haute DThe Magical World of Dancing Horses - Dianne Olds Rossi is a trainer that can develop in horse and rider a beautiful blending of skill and communication that one dreams about. A step by step training method is not enough!' Ecole”.  An expert of the Piaffe and passage, none have been able to match the brilliance and exactness of her horses.  As the owner and producer of  The Magical World of Dancing Horses, Dianne presents her stunning horses not as a Dressage exhibitor, but as an entertainer.  Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing this marvellous show will tell you the power of it’s magic and the beautifully trained horses.

      Dianne’s background in the horse industry is wide and varied but she fell in love with the artistry involved in the dancing horses. She was able to train with some of the finest trainers in the world to learn the dying art of the dancing horses. Albert Ostermaier, Arthur Konyot and Dorita Konyot were her foundation .   Dianne added the correctness of Dressage developing some of the most outstanding trained horses in the country. 

      Dianne has made a love of horses come alive for all those who enjoy horses.  Even those who simply know horses from a distance will be enthralled with the magic and the motion and will be drawn into their world of imagination, the world of the dancing horses. 

       Whether you are witnessing the riderless horse thundering into the arena or are mesmerized by a performance of the Friesian stallion performing to the perfectly synchronized music,  you will not believe the power and beauty of these horses.   Each is magnificent, each is unique and they will transport you into the "world of imagination".  These regal and rare magical dancing horses are the champions of this crowd pleasing performance and are showcased in an entertainment adventure unlike any ever seen.

 Dianne's Philosophy

      "I do not do trick horses.  Trick horses pick things up, count on the ground with their feet and shake their head...yes and no.  I am a connoisseur of educated dancing horses, or Haute d'Ecole (high school) horses.  This goes beyond these simple tricks and resides in a place reserved for no others.  There is nothing in the horse world that can compare to theses horses.  They own that "look of eagles".  It is a mode of great and precise training, practiced in its' purest form." 

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